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R Kelly Lyrics Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 23) Lyrics

Well if this hasnt taught you nothin else
its taught you that
everybodys got a closet and
they own problems that need solvin
Could this be another case
of what goes around
comes back around
and what goes up
must come--
Well yallve heard the saying
Yall get the point
Let me get back to the story
cause these next chapters of Trapped in the Closet
is gonna be so crazy.
Sylvester and Gwen chillin in the bed
Watchin TV
No Drama
Phone rings he says Hello
somebody says Sylvester?
he says Who is this and how did you get this number?
Cathy and Rufus decides to do a little shoppin downtown
Only she cant her phone rings again
she says Rufus its those people again.
He says Hang up...Hang up!
Now everything seemed to calm down
between Big Man James and Bridget
till Bridget gets a call
someone says We wanna talk to you
she says Who is this?
Mmhmm...Ah...Am I gonna be famous?
Twan on the corner in the front of the liquor store
talkin on his cell phone
somebody calls he switch over and says
SPEAK ON IT!...........WHO?
Man dont be f*ckin with me!
You shittin me?
How much am I gettin payed?
Then Rosie and Randolph gets a call. Hello?
Then..Then Tina and Roxanne gets a call. Hello?
Then Joey. Yeah Hello?
Reverend Mosley. Hello?
Big man. Dixies.
James. Yeah?
Pimp Lucius. Hahahaha ha.
Now they tried and tried and tried and tried but there was no luck
When it came to gettin in touch
With Chuck...

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