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R. Kelly Lyrics What I Feel / Issues Lyrics

Im sick and tired of the games you played
Every move I make your ass got something to say
Scandalize my name when you see it in the paper
Trying to turn it all around when it wasnt that way
Everybody is trying to figure me out
What the hell is wrong with yall just let me live my life
I cant go one day without yall in my face
Yall done lost yall minds if you dont hear what I say
Cops chase me when Im standing still
You know I aint done shit wrong so why you want me in your cell
You dont like my songs well it pays the bills
And you cut me down cuz I keep it real
Sometimes I wanna fly far away from here
To another place it aint worth these tears
Sometimes at night when I close my eyes
I know the haters are busy making up hater lies
Sometimes I laugh trying to keep from crying
If I was plain out of love then tell me who could I trust
See I work so hard just to get ahead
If it wasnt for God Id probably be dead
Sometimes I think yall trying to pull me down
But yall wasting your time I got you haters figured out
If yo had your way itd be lock and key
Everywhere I go trouble follows me
Where the hell is my father shit it hurts sometimes
Theres a hole in me and it rocks my mind

Forgive me father for I have sinned
When was your last confession

His true fears he left without a care
And that was more than I could bare
When you need my help I never tell you no
When I need your love you got somewhere to go
Im getting sick of this shit but Im not gonna quit
Ive come too far gotta keep my pockets thick
I get mad as hell but thats ok
Kick off these shoes cuz Im here to stay
I gotta let you know got no time to play
So feel me and all that you hear me say
What Im building up you cant tear it down
Cuz its built on solid Rockland ground
We dont die we multiply hit after hit living platinum style
Keep my head up high looking toward the sky
Nothing inmy view hey I can fly
Yall just hate I cant take no more
And if you feel me raise your hand and show

This is what I feel ooh this is what I feel
Feel me feel me feel me hey hey feel woo
Westside tell me can you feel me hey oh
Eastside tell me can you feel me whoa oh south
Southside tell me can you feel me
Feel me feel me

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