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Rick Ross Lyrics Little Havana Lyrics

My name is Willie Falcon
I was the undisputed king in the cocaine industry
From the mid 70s through the 80s and into the 90s
If you snort cocaine back in those days
There was 85 percent chance it was my cocaine
I helped build Miami skyline into what it is today
20 billion dollars got me 27 years in federal prison
I always live by the code of honour
Thats why my best days are ahead of me
I am richer than Ive ever been
I would like to send my love to my friend Rick Ross
Rick Im immensely appreciated
In giving me love and keeping my name
In your music for the past two decades
It rocks me that I had your support for so many years

You gotta learn to use your mind
To help keep you out of certain situations (oh)
Ima make it clear as I can
For you young niggas you hear me? (oh yeah yeah)
Biggest (Maybach Music)

Problem was I never was a prodigy
Possibly my biggest flaw was lack of modesty
Diabolical means never knew college degrees
Sippin coffee at a cafe on college capisce?
Niggas soul being sold and still on a leash
Roger Goodell boy he aint a corneich
I was really throwin money I really saw Meech
And I let them rapper niggas get closer to Meek
It aint bout who made the most but lets make a toast
Cause a lot of niggas told and kept it on the low (oh yeah)
I was self made nigga never won a vote (oh yeah)
And before a record label shit I wanted coke
Im talkin L.A. Reid the biggest babyface
This for my niggas in the prisons sippin Gatorade
All the hitters takin pictures for they babies made
Or baby mamas in the projects tryna make a way (oh)
Niggas lookin funny when you get the hunnids (oh yeah)
I gotta school of gunnas thatll get em punished (oh yeah)
Because Im on the streets they consider me cunning (oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah)

Hit you bitches in a Tesla the push of a button (oh)
If she got up in the coupe then she gotta be f*ckin
Fifty restaurants but a lot of me hungry (M-M)
These niggas wanna gossip I just want the dollars
All black Phantoms going south from Collins (oh yeah)
Villains know we killin so that aint a problem (oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah)
Im gonna stack my money be a better father
You could pare me down but I got it regardless
Shades that Im rockin they gotta be goggles (oh)
When we plot to kill em we send a few a bottles (oh)
Set em up like 2Pac get em to rob em (oh)
I always loved BIG shit I did it big
I released Omarion he began to fizz
Double M the kids now we back to biz
Thirty six a brick baby here it is
My niggas in designer but we militant (oh yeah)
I got the city on my back and thats just what it is

Two twenty on the dash still couldnt stop us
I just got back took my girl to the Opera
Cause Ojek got back he went and bought a chopper
As if it couldnt get worse we lost Kobe in a copter
Three months later niggas forget all about you
Always doubt you now they cant live without you
Did you cry for the men or did you cry for the fame?
Did you pour out for the pain?

Ive been around this world so many times I
Its love and loyalty by any means
Ive been around this world so many times I
I know to never pray amongst your enemies
Been around the world too many times now
That new shits feelin old to me
And trustin new niggas been old to me for so long
When the real niggas coming home? (M-M)
Home (its been a mean world without you)
Yeah shouldnt I baby shouldnt I?
When the real niggas coming home?
Home (its been a mean world without you)
Yeah shouldnt I baby shouldnt I?
(Maybach Music)

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