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Rick Ross Lyrics Marathon Lyrics

Im really just discussing this between me and you
Nobody else its just me and you (M-M-Maybach Music)

Richer than Ive ever been thought itd make a lot of sense
Assume I was an honest student how I deal with politics
Fired all the managers thought itd make a lot of sense
Things that I can manifest now Im makin all the chips
Niggas got you checkin in cause they feel you counterfeit
Murder one and aggravated still can send all kind of hits
Purchase homes in several states realtors give me compliments ha (M-M-M)
Really we just opposites do without the opulence
Really its just common sense
Nigga I am more than rich
I am more than rich
Lil homie I am more than rich

AMG thats upper scale send them fools a hunnid shells
Belaire worth eight hundred mill nigga I got fruit for sale
I accept all challenges theyll go for all amateurs
Put you on a t-shirt boy better yet a bannister

How you wanna handle this? Mother had them candles lit
Chairman of the 305 rarely do you feed your guys
Watch you as you rub your hands I can see it in your eyes
Jealousy thats in your soul tell me what you sacrificed?

The envy wont be tolerated so lets cut this conversation
And true love what I got for mine otherwise its complicated
Fake shit just a fantasy things you may have contemplated
Judas was a politician made up like Im Ronald Reagan
This is just a war on drugs tell me how you feel about it
Black lives really matter now tell Emmett Till about it
George Floyd was face down as you niggas stood around it
Did your little FaceTimes left the neighborhood astounded
The reason why I sold dope I just want a way around it
BMs and my gold ropes let you know I made allowance
Sacrifice your appetite time to climb a major mountain
Marathon it still continues and I put my label on it
First I had to teach myself then I started teachin wealth
No longer am I seekin shelter no longer am I seekin shelter
As a man no longer am I seekin shelter ah

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