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Rick Ross Lyrics Rich Forever Lyrics

[Rick Ross - Intro]
Regardless of how it goes down
Life goes on. am I right?

[John Legend]
On the way we shed some tears
Every day we sacrifice
So we can be standing here
Oh what a hell of a life
Been winning so many years
And the future is bright
Now its very clear
That we gon be rich forever
And ever and ever oh oh oh
We gon be rich forever oh ooooh
We gon be rich forever and ever and ever

[Rick Ross]
I remember being blind to it
Til the day I put my mind to it
Pen and pad on the dresser for me to fine tune it
I sat in the corner made up my mind do it!
Def Jam on my heels should I sign to it?
Million dollar advance for me to rhyme fluent
Every day Im hustlin on every corner boomin
Back of the Phantom couldnt fathom I was such a student
Grandfather deal for the Godfather
Lucian Grainge from the ghetto I follow Gods orders
And he told me I was rich forever
Then he showed me I was rich forever
They call me Mr. Roberts when Im in the bank
Digits like the Dodgers when it comes to franks
Flossin out in Compton like I got a cape
RoseMo tried to fight it but barely niggas fade
White sheet yellow tape where your dogs at
Count a million cash can you blog that?
Me and niggas your type never exchange numbers
Wanna conversate and steal game from us
See the watch now you want to know the name of it
Never playin so I went and got the frame flooded
Cartier Hublot I could name a dozen
Your shit pushed back cuz it aint buzzin
Now these thugs actors all of a sudden
Niggas hustle backwards all of a sudden
Cant talk snow where the soft at?
Your man got murked but you squashed that
Hope you know what we call that
I think you know just what we call that

All you pussy boys fall back
Big face Rolly Rolls Gold cost 40
Platinum twenty one its time to go and spoil shorty
You only live once Im screaming YOLO in the VI
Time flies fast balling with my nigga T.I
Ciroc no glass smiling women in my presence
Tall supermodels always fall in my possession
Atlanta housewives taking pictures in my section
But I only got a thing for young bitches with aggression
Show me that affection that a D-Boy craves
Rich forever in my D-Boy ways
Sold dope blue jeans new Js
Sold dope by any means all day

[Hook - John Legend]
Been winning so many years
And the future is bright
Now its very clear
That we gon be rich forever
And ever and ever
We gon be rich forever

[Rick Ross]
100 mil aint enough
Got 100 women gotta deal with it love
Worth 40ms is he still dealing drugs
Cigarettes speedboats but hes still with the thugs
Club Liv Louis shots on a Sunday
Grinding even be legit one day
Order some more bottles because Im on one
I know her pussy wet and she wanna cum
She wanna cum maybe come over
Stop dealing with them niggas you need one soldier
Keep you as my bitch forever
Cuz you know a nigga rich forever


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