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Snoop Dogg Lyrics Got Beef Lyrics

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah yeah
Its another one of those...
Snoop D-O-Double G L.T. Hutton thangs
Yeah we all off up in the hills right about now
Its about two in the morning!
I got big C-Style on the grill
EASTSIDE!!! Keepin it way real
Dogg Dogg LBC

Chorus: Snoop Dogg (repeat 4X)

If you got beef with DPG
Then holla at me the D-O-G

Bridge: Charlie Wilson Snoop

[C. W.] Any problems any problems you can holla at my dogg....
[S. D.] Holla holla
[C. W.] Holla at my dogg you could holla at my dogg ohhhhh

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