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Snoop Dogg Lyrics Gz And Hustlas Lyrics


This is for the Gz and this is for the Hustlas
This is for the hustlas now back to the Gz
This is for the Gz and this is for the Hustlas
This is for the hustlas now back to the Gz

[Verse One:]

Freeze at ease now let me drop some more of them keys
Its 19-9-tre so let me just play
its Snoop Dogg Im on the mic Im back with Dr. Dre
But this time Ima hit yo ass with a touch
To leave motherf*ckers in a daze f*cked up
So sit back relax new jacks get smacked
Its Snoop Doggy Dogg Im at the top of the stack
I dont lack for a second and Im still checkin
The dopest motherf*cker that ya hearin on the record
its me ya see S-N-double-O-P
D-O-double-G-Y the D-O-double-G
Im fly as a falcon soarin through the sky
And Im high till I dizzie rizzide
So check it I get busy I make your head dizzy
I blow up your mouth like I was Dizzy Gillespie
Im crazy you cant phase me
Im the S oh yes Im fresh I dont f*ck with the stress
Im all about the chronic bionic ya see
Every single day chillin with the D-O-double-Gs
P-O-U-N-D thats my clique my crew
Ya f*ck with us we gots to f*ck you up
I thought ya knew but yet and still
Ya wanna get real now its time to peel ya say chill
and feel the motherf*ckin realism
Snoop Doggy Dogg is on the mic im hittin hard as steel nigga


[Verse Two:]

How many hoes in your motherf*ckin group
Wanna take a ride in my 7-8 Coupe DeVille
Chill as i take you on a trip
where them niggaz ride and slide you know about the East Side
Niggaz like myself here to show you where its at
With my hoes on my side and my strap on my back
Papers I stack daily and Death Row is still the label that pays me
but you know how that goes
We flow toe for toe if you aint on the Row
F*ck you and your hoe really doe so check it
Its Snoop Doggy Dogg on the solo tip
Still clockin grip and really dont give a sheeit
about nuttin at all just my Doggs steppin through the fog
and im still gonna fade em all
With the gangsta shit that keeps ya hangin
How many hoes in ninety-four will I be bangin?
Every single one to get the job done
As I dip skip flip right back to two one
Where the sun be shinin and i be ryhmin
Its me Snoop D-O-double-G and Im climbin


[Verse Three:]

I come creepin through the fog with my saggin Dukes
East Side Long Beach in a 7-8 Coupe DeBille
Im rollin with the G Funk bumpin in my shit and it dont quit
So drop it on the one motherf*cker put together that set
A nigga with a grip of that gangsta shit
With the Eastside hoes on my motherf*ckin dick
And the Compton niggaz all about to set trip
Swing it back bring it back just like this
And if you with my shit then blaze up another spliff
And keep the motherf*ckin blunt in your pocket loc
Cuz Doggy Dogg is all about the zig zag smoke
See its a West coast thing where Im from
And if you want some get some bad enough take some
But watch the gun by my side
Because it represents me and the motherf*ckin East Side
So bow down to the bow wow cause bow wow
yippie yo you cant see my flow
My shit is dope original now you know
And cant no hood f*ck with Death Rizzow


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