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Snoop Dogg Lyrics I Knew That Lyrics

I knew that I knew that
You were lookin at me
Thats when the blunt [?]
I knew that I knew that
You would leave your spot when you got hot
And youre goin again
I love when you seein shes goin to the bathroom
Got 5 minutes to exchange them buds
No Im not callin you whats your sign
I know your name it must be under cover

Went out tonight I think of my life
Im sick and tired of rouge yea
Then threw caution to the wind cause F it who cares
So tonight Im gon be

[Pre-Chorus x2:]
Riding on your riding on your
Riding on your wave girl
And I feel like ooh


Thinkin to myself if I was a freaky dink
Whats crackin homie?
Aint you aint gonna see me in this club next week no
So tonight Im gon be



Im hoping that you rest and you dont need to sleep
Dont be slacking homie
Grab me by the proof so I dont miss a beat
Baby so tonight Im gon be



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