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Snoop Dogg Lyrics (Tear Em Off) Me & My Doggz Lyrics

[Intro: (distressed Latino woman)]

The dog saw im...they tear...they...looked liked they try to tear him off.
I said Oh my God! They want to eat my husband

[Verse 1:]

I was sittin at the pound about to eat dinner
Had a hard day at the studio I was gettin thinner
My nigga Sparky-O was playin basketball
and my niggas in the backyard yall about to squab my Doggz
Dirty ???? gets CREAM its a good scheme
But you know its all a part of the Corleone team
I squabble...Friday cos thats what I do
Dogg Pound for life nigga uhh thought you knew
but you didnt you think Im kiddin nigga my Doggz scrap
They get down for theirs bring em right to the back
Hit the gate dont wait and ask the homey Nate
he gotta pit named Tiny mobbin behind him
Now theyve got Michael Corleone
Oh Kurupt he got Lonely the psycho assassin
He likes to smash on uhh
and aint no need to reach for heat cos you cant get your blast on
Doggz we keep em busters we sweep em
and when its time all my Doggzll bite your momma
We leave you niggas on stuck in paws
And Ima dedicate this one to my Doggz
Remember that pit the one I had named Petey
Uhh she got killed so I didnt need him
Uhh its like that what about Sweetie?
He got killed too (damn) so I didnt need him
Its a cold thang but its a cold game
but when you wit a Corleone name its a cold thang
Cold name cold game ya got ta get down
cos if you dont then you cant represent the Pound
Now its like a sport
and if I get caught Im right back in court
So I gots ta keep it on the DL and dont yeezell
but you know I gots tha pitbulls for seezell
So if you want one get one holla atcha boy quick
cos Ima be on the lookout for the sell-to-dem pigs
Ask my little homey Technique
I came Scarface Corleone killers baby boy OG
The homey Tray Deee I give him rock seat
but the rest of the pits they rollin wit me
Were layin low in the cut holstered up in Chino
Scrappy-Du and the crew called the Gambinos
Ma bark and shell spark up some shit real quick
Just last week yknow what? She bit the shit out of me
???? bitch is a trick I had to get cold feet
to get the bitch up off me
and I cant tame her and I cant blame her
Thats why I had to name her the top Dogg gamer
Man its a shame-uh nigga got love for yall
but I got more love for my motherf*ckin Doggz
Its just....


Me & my Doggz (sick em) me & my Doggz (sick em)
(Beware beware) Me & my Doggz

[Verse 2:]

Now when it comes to my Doggz they stay fly like geese
but as for me Im Snoop Dogg Im soopafly like Priest
I unleash my Doggz then I tilt my brim
Im bout to trip off Locko cos he go taken my swim
I think cos my CREAMy low get back to the pound
He gon be itchin like hell to put the bite on the clown
and when you look with the frown he gon get like 1-2
and aint a damn thang that your ass can do
I think its cos he lost his big homey Don Killer see
who ran the whole yard and gangbanged OP
and leave your ass red and yeah half-head
Hes a damn fool hell jack you for pants leg
Dont beg youre dead and dont dare show fear
Young gangsta f*cked wit Scrappy and Red tore off his head
and all the kid do was cry like a bitch
His life was a pit and mines in the shit


(Beware beware)
(Sick em) Its just me & my Doggz
I keep my heat in my seat my killers in my backyard
Just in case you niggas wanna f*ck and try to act hard

[Outro: (reporter speaking over hook)]

....deadly serious in East Los Angeles and South Central where people
encounter stray dogs on a daily basis and often bare the scars to prove it)

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