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Snoop Dogg Lyrics Up Jump Tha Boogie Lyrics


Up jump tha boogie to the bang bang boogie
while youre bangin on ya baby OGs
Thats why I flip the script to the boogie bang homey
If Im hangin its with DPG

[Verse 1: Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Some do the things that they do cos they dumb
and some do the things that they do for crumbs
I do mine for me ya see?
Not the big homey double O-G
Scared to do your own work man thats fast
and thats the reason why I had to shoot you down
because you never shouldve tried to work my Dogg
and the lil homey wouldnt had no reason to bump
Yall know the game aint the same no mo
Lil Gs keep heat so big Gs freeze geez!
Johnny Rockafella went to jail-er
few many times too many and became a teller
They sell a nigga dreams if he want em
but they wont sell you the game to get up on em
Ya tryin ta find em cos you want em they shook out
Get the book out and when the pitch come nigga look out
it aint hard to pump up the lil homies nigga
but its hard for your bitch ass to get wit us
But its steel you put it in their head
that at 13 they better off dead (now they gone)


[Verse 2: Kurupt]

Aiyo Snoop why would niggas get into the bracket
and make a loot niggas want trip
Spittin like you spoke beef from the hood
Show me love nigga or dont show me shit
Feel the fever million dollar male like Cole Severs
Made a non-believin man into a believer
Receive a cheque the next day my homies say
its the way to get paid DPs and pay
I dont know why you wanna get on my back? (why?)
Trippin cos you know the bombs at where Im at
Well if thats the case you shoulda roll
wit the PG instead of losing control (motherf*cker)
This is how we do Dogg Pound Gangstas in blue
Me D-A-Z N-A-T-E and Snoop
Niggas from Seth be tryin to set you cos you settin your ways
so ask DJ Pooh what pays


[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]

Just what we need bangin on wax another trip
What you gon do nigga jack the mothership?
Youre like a actor wit another script
Predictable as Rambo wit another clip
How many niggas you gon kill in your verse?
You need to sit down and learn to get down first
cos uhh real hoo-bangers are toast-slangers
not part-time FBI singers
Niggas havin bad intentions sendin BGs on a mission
One move too many nigga you missin
Listen you f*ck wit the cyco-lic-no
loony ass nigga from your H-doubleO-D
Niggas got too flossy from all the sex they tossin
but guess what it cost em they crossin me
But before I give a nigga a 9
Id rather give a nigga a mic and write him a rhyme

[Chorus x1 1/2]

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