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The Game Lyrics I Just Wanna Be Lyrics

[Introduction - King Marie:]
So close
But so far away

[Hook - King Marie:]
I just wanna be a dreamer
I just wanna be a king
I just wanna give us
I just wanna be me
I just wanna be free
I just wanna be
I just wanna be
I just wanna be

[Verse 1 - The Game:]
Put on my Dre Beats when I dont wanna hear the world talkin
The walls closing in the studio feel like a coffin
But I resurrect myself every time like Im Jesus
Rather walk on water in the streets niggas dying for Yeezys
Niggas sleeping outside for them Js know how it feel to be homeless even if its just for a day
Some of us bow our heads down when we pray some of us bow our heads down so you can miss us with a stray
I grew up with DeSean let that young nigga play
Turn to run a slant let the bullet fly Zimmermans way
I did it Eminems way when I was sitting with Dre
It was Aftermath or die then Busta told me ride in
Snoop told me if you a dragon go spit that fire then
Game of thrones I made my home inside that lions den
And all my enemies I dont know where to find them
But me I got like nine in


[Verse 2 - Stat Quo:]
The son of Maya Angelou and Martin Luther
But my daddy was a crackhead my mom was a booster
Born in the belly of Medusa with the killers and the three time losers
These cops pursue us thug gangs recruit us to carry on some torch they were taught would improve us
As the system maneuvers they just feed us manure
They living in paradise we shoot it out in the sewer
I call myself Stat to remind myself not to be a statistic
As the kush get twisted my consciousness get lifted
We party with devils digging graves with dull shovels
Diamonds on my bezel my grind on some other level
Im subtle but wont settle all black clothes
They say Stat you too ghetto my pen wrapped in turbans
My bombs bass and treble
Fell asleep in hell I woke up living my dreams
Im a rebel


[Verse 3 - SAP:]
I just wanna be a
Dreamer I see all these things with my eyes closed
Woke up to reality actually in fly clothes
Life is such a gamble Im proof that the odds roll
So anything we planning we do it colossal
Hurt people that I know was dreamers which means that just makes my grind meaner
Let me turn my rhymes into a time machine and remind the people
How dope these lines can be when youre tryna reach the higher league
You seem to bleed through the soul to the choir speakers
I am preaching to the younger nigga I used to be
And usually its just inspiration that you can use to be
Bigger than the world in a world where you are user free
But still you live off of so much more than what you used to see
But who the f*ck am I kidding this shit is even new to me (word)
I got with Game I got in the game and I could chew a piece of this fresh cooked filet I could eat it every day
But I swear this the beginning I be dreaming every day


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