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The Game Lyrics Rewind II Lyrics

The bullet comes out of his head back in the Draco
I moonwalk back to the car gun on my waist
Take the ski mask off of my face blunt flies back in the trunk
Between my index and my middle finger its stuck
Inhale the smoke take a puff
Drivin in reverse proceed to light it up
Mattic still Nas to listenin
Its me and the opp gets further in distance hand on my watch
Movin backwards the Chronic jumps out the Backwood
As the leaf waits for the guts and rolls itself back up
Text from a bitch sayin Eat to goin still?
My phone back in my pocket took my knee off the wheel
Hand on my wheel my car in drive foot on the gas
Up the freeway ramp adjust the rearview and look at my past
Speed goin back up on the dash as I listen to Hill Lauryn
And uncrumble all of this hash
Back in the carpool flippin off 12
The window comes down and in comes pistachio shells
Cutie smilin at me I unthrew up the deuce
Triple one-two three-one-three three-one-two
On the side of a purple Maseratti wonder if she got a body up
Or should I think I? Its a hottie
Goin down on the up ramp creep slow back to the light
Ima kill em fore the end of the night
Talkin on my burner cell like At he where?
Back into a parkin spot handicap in the mirror
Car door opens my nigga out yells Woo-Su

Windows roll up Im thinkin to myself Who these niggas in this coupe?
Back in the store Woods back in my hand
Sit em on the counter as he hands me back my Benz
And says Nigga my you thank I pass him a coke can
Ten thousand goes back in my pocket in rubber bands
Back to the whip in rewind back to the spot
Walkin up the stairs backwards the clip comes outta the Glock
The key goes back in the lock
I walk in facin out take my shoes off and fall on the couch
This bitch takes my dick out of her mouth
Stands back up and tells me what her day was about
We hug as her clothes fly up her hands
Lip singin B Cardi while she dance
Tapes Bundy Ted credits roll down chill and Netflix
As I unfasten the latch on my Cuban link necklace
She gave me a second hug for the first time
Walks outta the door back in the Uber as Im cleanin my .9
I sit it down right next to my phone
Go back to sleep and undream about Rihanna runnin round in a thong
Woke up tired and went back to the booth
Sample Gods Sons rewind it and wrote it backwards to a loop

Listen up gangsters and honeys with your hair done
Pull up a chair hon and put it in the air son
Dawg whatever they call you God just listen
I spit a story backwards it starts at the endin

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