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The Game Lyrics Sex Skit Lyrics

(The Game - Ambitionz of a Rida playing)

Ay nigga park the car for me

Ay nigga you quit jumping out the car while its rolling nigga you gon get your leg f*cked up nigga

Nah nigga f*ck you

Nigga and hurry up nigga think with your p nigga not with your d nigga

Nigga Ima be in and out fool literally in and out

I dont even take niggas to meet bitches

This bitch always is listening to some dumb ass music
Tamika open the f*cking door!

Nigga its already unlocked and why you beating on the motherf*cking door like you the police or something?

Bitch shut up!

Bitch? I aint your bitch

Aight my bad you know Im just playing with you. Bitch hurry up and take them clothes off I aint got all day

Nigga f*ck you. Dont rush me

Why you always listen to this shit? Turn this shit off T-Boz be killing yo motherf*cking ass she heard you f*cking this song up

Ha nigga f*ck you I can sing
(Turns song off)
Uh uh what the f*ck you doing? Thats TLC nigga!

F*ck all that Im bout to put on some oldies in this motherf*cker. Yeah thats the f*ck Im talking bout turn yo ass over

Mm mm nigga f*ck me doggystyle

Doggystyle? Bitch I aint Snoop Im getting on top

Whatever nigga just give me the dick and shut the f*ck up

You shut the f*ck up


Thats my pussy

Its yours

Thats my pussy

Its your baby

Say my name

Jayceon uh

Jayceons pussy?

Jayceon pussy baby thats yo pussy

You like it? (Yeah). You love it?

I love it
F*ck me baby

You got some bomb ass pussy

Well f*ck me all day then

Nah watch out I cant

The f*ck you mean you cant?

Bitch I got somewhere to go!

Where the f*ck you gotta go?

None of your motherf*cking business. Im out watch out

So what now you finna be out?

Nah Im bout to go get in the shower. Ay iron my flag for me

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