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The Game Lyrics Uncle (Skit) Lyrics

[Car Engine Noise One Ways Cutie Pie plays in the background]
[Adrianna:] Que paso Papi?
[Game:] Nada
[Adrianna:] Cuando me vas a llevar a TJ para puedas conocer mis padres?
[Game:] El proximo semana
[Adrianna:] Mentiroso!
[Game:] Haha! Nah im for real! Hey you seen my uncle today?
[Adrianna:] Yeah he over there talking to Pedro about some money he owes him
[Game:] Aight call him for me
[Adrianna:] Terrel! Chuck over here looking for you
[T:] Hey hey hey whats happening with it nephew?
[Game:] Wassup Unc?
[T:] You know everyting and everything. You dig Im just chilling. Whats happening with you
[Game:] Just came here to check on you and Mama
[T:] Oh man you know its always a beautifull thing when you see your nephew here in the neighbourhood you dig
[Game:] Im just sliding trough man
[T:] Yeah well dig. I heard you been over there in that studio with Dr.Dre landing down them cold YA DIGS!
[Game:] Yeah man we been over there gettin it in
[T:] Well you know. Just let em know one thing

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