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Trey Songz Lyrics OG Lovelude Lyrics

What we been takin?
Here we go
We on it laughin
Yeah yeah we been on it before a million
You see how you feel?
How you?
They got the hips
Everybody in the buildin
Are they off or?
Takin these keep those on here
No you been
No you takin out your
You know your creative
And I have this
Stop lookin
Youre cute
And thats step one
[Spoken Interlude]Haha
Whatd I do that for?
Put my thing here
You kiddin? No
You cant have that cause somebody
Good one
You seen the other?
I dont see nothin
What you sayin?
Yall obsessed with that
Give them that hip
Nah you pull your pants up
Haha [police siren]
Get em
Get em
Go go go
Ah ah ah
Nah we cant breathe

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