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Trillville Lyrics Eat It Up Lyrics

(feat. Kandi Burruss & Cutty)

[Kandi Girl:]
You want this kitty dont you?
You know she wants you too
But you gotta do one thing first
I need you to kiss it

[Dirty Mouth:]
See me all I wanna do is get in your draws
Hit it from the back while ya ass hit pause
Mr. Funkadelic off deep in ya jaws
I love the way you lick it up on the sidewalls
Open up wide let me slide on in
Drinkin on this gin make a nigga wanna sin
The orgy begins now she lickin on the tip
Might as well be a tip drill the way ya tongue flippin
You need to get a girl and stop bullshittin
Spur tongue girl like a snow white kittin listen!
Get up on the bed and give me head
While I sit back and watch you go fed
You got me on hard wit my toes on curl
F*ck faces from the otha side of the world
Skeet skeet skeet in ya mouth its like that
While your ass tooted up and I eat it from the back

Baby Eat It Up Eat It Up Eat It Up Eat It Up
If I gotta give you what you like
First you gotta give me what I like
Then Beat It Up Beat It Up Beat It Up Beat It Up
If you rub this cat just right
Then Ill give it to you good all night

[Don P:]
Its goin down tonight Crunk Juice got me feelin right!
Ima do 68s I owe ya one no 69s
When she up top ridin it fast its only right that I grab that ass
Then pull her hair when I turn her ova and hit it from the back
Aint nuttin like getting wit a big chula to give dome (yeah!)
And afta that I aint in that group but you know Im gon bone
EAT IT UP! Not yet matter of fact I gotta lesbian for that
What chu know bout the bedroom crunk too
Girls knockin at my door bout three somethin


[Lil LA:]
This how its goin down Ima hit all night
Aint nothin to talk about plus if I head right
Sike! We aint gotta talk about that
See its four in the morning let me hit it from the back
Ima smack it shack it bulldog attack it
Have fun what you do just like practice
You gotta give it to me how I like it Im straight
You want me to do what? Look shortie I just ate
Wait! How many inches can you take?
Tastes like candy doors closed can ya stay
Say how ya need it and Ima beat it
When Im pullin on ya hair got me really wanna skeet it
Getting heated up here cause that ass so hot in here
Where ya goin? Quit runnin come here
You love the things that I do? Same here (Ayeeee!)


[Bridge: Kandi Girl & Cutty]
I know you really wanna hit it first
But I need you to kiss it first
Baby its mo betta
When you get it mo wetta
Dont try to run away
Take all of me (I wont run)
I just love the look in your eyes
When you swallow me
You need to lick lick licky
On my kitty kitty kitty
Get a close look
Dont my cat look pretty?
Tastes like candy and
It feels real sticky
Follow my rules if you wanna get wit me
Okay now youre my freak
No missionary ways
Ill beat that pussy up and
Cum in your face


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