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Trillville Lyrics Gone Lyrics

go ahead and buck denstop trippin actin like u scared to buck

u can buck if u wanna buck mothaf*cka (git gone) and be an example fo da mothasuckaz (gone gone)

[repeat 3 more times]

[verse 1]
I really aint givin a f*ck and even if I didstill wouldnt hesitate to split yo weedpop back
at a wimp like ??
through da pure ass magic I disappear in traffica lot of folks gon hate cuz dey know Im a fool
and dey know Ima shitI finally git out da schoolif I spit out da toolsIll spit out da
bluezdont bug it and confuseI will not loseI come through on shoes and why 2 hoes chooseon u
know whoI have no clueI just do wat I doI just know wat I knowIma tell u once nigga dont
f*ck wit Bo


[lil scrappy]
[verse 2]
straight leggin up on folks wit da dubs or digitsIll hit yo ass so hardfeel like tearin
midgitsman wat if u say u dont like mebut I dont take(?) and threats so likelyIm a Gtake
it to da streetsits about to go down when I pull da heatif u cant stand ma click u can kiss ma
ass(kiss ma ass)f*ck around make ya jump inda grassbut dat aint it and dat aint allma name is
scrappy I love to brawlgots to say dat Im a hard headgot best inma blud cuz Im a third bread


[verse 3]
we bout to crank it up city to citylet me know if u wit itif da girl is prettycould u show us
some tittiesif da hoes are sillyif da hoes are dillyput da hoes to a coast where dey(?)in
businessIm a country legend GA Im reppinI pull ma weapondat girl aint laughinshe blew ma
brains bitch do yo thanggot da pussey befo I knew yo namemost niggaz are fakemost niggaz are
hatedey cant waitdey try to take wats on yo platewat u thank dis is must not thank dis realI
pull da steeldont u think yo cap cant get killed


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