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Trillville Lyrics Im Pimpin Lyrics

(feat. E-40 & 8Ball)

This that boy E40 water mayne. Know what Im talkin bout off this good ole burgondale coserosolini.
We fin to do our thug disolini mayne. Trillville up in this booth mayne. What is it? You know what Im talkin bout? Real saucy real flossy mayne. We pimpin and thats what we talkin bout mayne.
Square-ass niggas mayne tear up outta here mayne You know mayne get somewhere where they money at mayne. We bosses mayne. You know what Im talkin bout? Yeeee!

[Don P:]
Don P this Don P that
Don P pockets always fat.
I guess thats that on that
better get a tic-tac fore you start the chit chat.
I aint ludacris but nigga get back
you like that group criss cross
you wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy wack!
And Im a miggidy niggidy nack
spit game to these hoes like pimpin Ken on the track.
Take a trip to Miami. Where the ladies love me and niggas treat me like family. Trill recognize trill holla at yo folk.
[where you at?] Over here by lake posted on my boat.
See you a funny nigga somethin like a joke
and Im a money nigga somethin like nice dro.
They say if it aint broke dont fix it so I guess Im gon keep on pimpin.

[Chorus x2:]
Gals love me (cause Im pimpin)
Lawyers hate me (cause Im pimpin)
In V.I.P. (cause Im pimpin)
Wit my Gs (cause Im pimpin)
Yall niggas aint talkin bout nothin (Im pimpin)
Yall niggas aint talkin bout nothin (Im pimpin)

Im all about pimpin mackin hustlin stackin.
Everything I touch goes gold or platinum.
Camera action dont forget about the lights.
Last name dough and my first name money right.
The A is the city the town is the click.
And I got my own hands I can grab my own dick.
I rep who Im wit that bird on the vid.
And last but not least you know that BME click.

See Im a trill nigga so I speak trill talk.
Dirty mouth the gucci mayne got millions in the vault. (For real?)
A payed nigga from the Ville so you hatin niggas better chill on the fake talk.
Runnin off at your mouth like a relay.
Well check out how my gun run this replay.
Pow! reloadin on yo bitch ass.
Sneak up from behind ya like a snake up in the grass.

[Chorus x2]

How could I have one tooth in my mouth and not a scottish nickle to my name
and still pull your bootch like a crane.
Funny nigga is tired he been dipped in sucka sauce.
Im movin in you can tell that ho ass nigga he can get lost.
Cause Im the whip daddy is he the whip daddy aint
Mine look like it been dipped in shellack his shit look like spray paint.
Yall be jaw jackin my pockets hella fat.
How many rappers you know that can turn down a hundred thousand Can you do that?
Its the year of the throw back and I aint talkin bout jerseys.
The original tycoon playboy Im back like herpes.
We burn pirelli meat smoke up the block and cause pollution.
Til the tires bald til they smooth like proactive solution.
I like to ball but I aint talkin bout hoopin.
I pump that weight like they do in the institution.
Yo partnas in the club lookin like they gamin.
My partnas in the club lookin like the mafia.

[Chorus x2]

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