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Weezer Lyrics Endless Bummer Lyrics

I just want this summer to end
Whats the point of trying to pretend?
She told me to follow the rules
Not all 19 year olds are cool
Im all alone at night
Dreamin about my life
She was too fast for me
I count my steps because Im OCD

No life from Paloma to Rose
Sometimes I feel like Im a ghost
Changing into street clothes in a tent
I just want this summer to end (summer to end)
My heart is so landlocked
Nothing but tourist shops
Its just like a curse you see
This bummed out feeling that shes over me
Shes over me
I put my jacket over my head
Im trying not to stare at her chest
I cant even dance in the dark
Cause my headphones are still on the seat of her car

Kumbaya makes me get violent
I just want this summer to end

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