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Will Smith Lyrics Block Party Lyrics

Yo yo forget the club
Today we play in the block
Its goin down and its blazzin hot
Jeff pop the new CD turn tables joints
You just got to get the amps from Boogie
Get the van from Rock and then
Call up Ishcabibbles Jims and Pats
And tell em we need cheese steaks for like 300 cats
And yo make sure its hot or else Im sendin em back
And get my mic right
If I get hyped I might rap
Then take the speakers find a good spot
Subs on the bottom tweeters up top
Yo you know where little John lives on the corner
The extension cordll run perfectly to his crib
And then tell Officer Mike to barricade the block
Regardless what car you got leave it up top
You wanna come you got to come on your feet
Aint nothin like havin a party
When its out in the street come on

[Chorus- Tra-Knox:]
Nine oclock Ima call my crew
And ten oclock we gonna roll on through
I dont know what you gon do
But whatever you do hit the block party tonight

All the ladies rollin up with friends
And dont be late or you wont get in
Our partys packed from begining to end
Everybody tell a friend that the block partys tonight

Its aint nothin like
Havin a party on the block
When everybody know everybody on the block
And everybody on the block
Come to the party on the block
And when the sun drop (we dont stop)
Funny how fast they travel the word
A dozen divas from North Philly drove in when they heard
That its a block party down in West Philly
Come block party with Jeff and Big Willy
Stand back everybody come to see the man rap
Jeff got it... jam packed
Everybody hands in the air
(Just get your hands in the air!)
Yo Philly! (dats where the partys at!)
Uuh D.C. yall! (dats where the partys at!)
A-T-L (dats where the partys at!)
West side! (dats where the partys at!)
Mid-west yall (dats where the partys at!)
Dirty South now (dats where the partys at!)
Yo I cant hear yall! (dats where the partys at!)
Where ever we at! (dats where the partys at!)


Yo yo and when the sun drop
Back in Philly that dont mean that the fun stop
All it mean is that its time to turn the lights on
All day long I been plottin on this nice john
Its ten oclock now Jeff is tryin to hype me
Will the Fresh Prince come up to the mic please?
Hear the crowd cheer broguht a little smile out
Mic check one two- Im bout to wild out
I know hes old but
Mabye its a slight chance
I could get my brother hype
Make him break dance- ha maybe not
Lemme get the crowd jumpin
Let me him em with the brand new funk or somethin
Im like Rob Base- I wanna rock right now
Yall know who run the block right now
All we need is a mic and a beat
And a couple of speakers
And some turn tables out in the street come on!


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