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Will Smith Lyrics Jazzys Groove Lyrics

(This is how it goes)

Give me your attention stop what youre doin and listen up
Because my partner in rhyme is about to tear it up
Jeff is if someone said that your beats dont excite
And that your cuts were wack what would you say (Yeah right!)
Jeffs about to give an incredible display
And unequivocally prove that hes the best DJ
His name is Jazzy Jeff and hes preparin to shake and make you move
To this long and strong theme song Jazzys Groove

And itll (make em clap to this)

(Make em clap to this)
Hey yo Jeff
(Come on yeah)
And itll (make em clap to this)
And itll (make em clap to this)
(Come on yeah)

You know a lot of deejays theyre just short pieces of statues
My deejays swift and exciting and coming at you
To other deejays Jeff is just too much
He doesnt use the line switch as a transform crutch
Never missin beats always on time with the rhyme
You know the scratches are fine when intertwined with a bass line
Live in concert Jeff is never Memorex
You dont believe hes def check the flex

[ Jeff cuts up ]
(Dont stop to the rhythm cause I..)

I could talk forever but still never explain
Why deejays flee when they hear Jeffs name
Jeff is number one even though he just begun
Rulin hip-hop as if he was Attila the Hun
We make records it all adds up a kaleidoscope
We work hard so people cant deny that its dope
Some music makes you shake some makes you move
(Now heres what I want yall to do...)
This beat is dope and its called Jazzys Groove

(Come on yeah)
(Come on yeah)
(Now heres what I want yall to do)

Music has a tendency a way of makin you feel it
Its been a secret and Jeff is about to reveal it
Hell get you hype no DJ as def as Jeff is
He makes you smile and bow while hes flexin
Hes a magician of sorts its kind of a sport
Jeff houses the wheels like Michael Jordan the courts
Ask whos the best and people all say that Jeffrey is
Heres a math lesson so you can all see how def he is
(1) plus (1) is (2)
(Once again back its the incredible)
And (2) plus (1) is (3)
(The music just turns me on)
And (2) plus (2) is (4)
(Play it on the radio)
And (1) plus (2) is (3
(Hit it!)

Look its simple just admit it
Jeff is the deffest you wanted a battle forget it
Youre a fool youre slippin youre looney youre crazy
No ifs no ands it be just your butt baby
The music is dope dont fight it just give in
Hey yo Jeff man tell em why you did it
(I made the beat hype but still kinda smooth)
And its dope right (For sure)
Jazzys Groove

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