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Will Smith Lyrics Mr. Niceguy Lyrics

[Will Smith:]
Hes a nice guy - how ya doin?
Hes a nice guy - good to see ya!
Hes a nice guy - how your mom an em?

[Verse One: Will Smith]
Mr. Nice Guy relationship advice guy
Liked on the vices priceless smile
Look at the eyes got the look
Of a survivor husband father
Dissed by Eminem but didnt bother him
Yup well he classy
Big Will just did another 20 mill walk right past he
Im a nice guy why yall harassin me huh?
On the radio they be over-exaggeratin
So blase with they lies they be aggravatin me
Agitatin me but they be waitin and hatin
And they be makin me crazy but I be takin it patiently
People be messin with me testin me fn with me
I wanna send a message to em teach em a lesson quickly
They publically addressin me disrespectin me heavily
They better be lucky the way my blessings affected me but
{*deep breath*} Calm down Willie
You dont wanna go drop the bomb now Willie
Keep a nice flow for your mom down in Philly
On the news you go if you blow and act silly yknow?

[Chorus: Will Smith]
Hes a nice guy - how ya doin?
Hes a nice guy - good to see ya!
Hes a nice guy - sometimes yall
Mistake nice for soft so I before I go off I just

[Will Smith:]

[Verse Two: Will Smith]
Wills a nice guy why hes so nice Id
Let him date my daughter like he was a white guy
Not like the rest hes a private polite guy
Why if I were gay on Friday night Id...
Larry Elder - Uncle Tom?
Youre lucky I aint make you the whole damn rhyme
Wendy Williams you dont know me
Im not your punchin bag you gon blow me
Off girl better leave me alone
Before I buy your radio station and send you home
Yo its a warnin shot over the bow
Truth be told this aint my style
You gotta understand some stuff a man cant allow
You better chill fore you climb a tree you cant get down
Okay - people dissing Will sat on a wall
People dissing Will had a great fall
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldnt put none of their careers together again
You get it?

[Chorus 2x]

[Will Smith:]

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