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Will Smith Lyrics Rhythm Trax House Party Style Lyrics

In the beginning there were many
As time went on there became few
Now there is only one..
One man one DJ standing alone on Mount Olympus
Ladies and gentlemen DJ Jazzy Jeff

Alright alright I reckon
Back up off of my DJ
Give him some room to operate here cmon

Ay Jeff this what we gettin ready to do right
Remember how we used to rock back home in Philly right
At all the house parties and all the ballrooms and stuff like that
Remember how we used to rip things up at like bart Room and Central High and Overbrook High
And all them places like that
This what I want to do right
I want to give these people a little taste of how we used to rock
How we used to get on the wheels of steel
Used to just throw the records on and just get stupid
Back forth left right crooked upside down and all that stuff
I want you to do all that stuff for these people right cause I talk all the time
I tell everybody how def you are
Everytime we go somewhere I be yellin and screamin
I want you to get busy on your own Jeff
I want you to tear these records up Jeff rip em apart
Go ahead now man get busy go Jeff go


Im telling you this man can not be taken
He cant be beaten dont keep on talking
All you other DJs dont keep on talking
Jeff this what I want you to do
Take that record from the top right
Scratch it in right now and I want you to do whats called a breakdown
Just break it down for em right
Now start it with the music and then cut the music out and just break it down for em Jeff go ahead
Now break it down

Ah Jeff that was def man that was def!
But you you did it too fast man
You gotta do it a little slower this time
Or or maybe no music yeah thats what we can do
Yeah thats the ticket thats the ticket
Ay Jeff just break it down with no music right
Bring it in now bring it down and then do it slower
No music so everybody can hear it
Now isnt that special

Yeah Jeff that was def!
Hold up now you had enough time to warm up back there man
Are you ready to really get stupid (yes)
I didnt hear you man
You read to cold rip things apart or what (yes)
You ready man I didnt hear you (yes)
Aight Im with it..
Aight Jeff now hold up
Remember the other DJ that DJ approached us
Man he was talkin all that trash about how good he was
What did you tell him that he could do (Eat this)
Whatd you tell him (Eat this)
And you know he still kept talkin trash right?
He talked all that trash Jeff
And then the next day we found out that he had took your stuff but you didnt even care
Whatd you tell him he could do (Bite it)
Whatd you say he could do (Bite it)
Now what did it sound like when he bit it

Aight enough about that guy you know what I was just thinkin about
Remember the other day we were walkin down the street
and that girl came up to you and she was lookin you up and down and grinnin
and she wasnt real whatd you tell her (Just feel it)
What? (Just feel it)
You even broke it down for her get busy (Just feel it)
Yo word now after she felt it and found out it was real man
you kinda looked like you was widdit a little bit man
You was movin and all that stuff man
She had her hands all over you
Hold up tell everybody what you started screamin man
(Dont stop)
Hold up tell em louder I didnt hear you (Dont stop)
(Dont stop)

Yo word that was def
Ay Jeff man thats just the way we used to rock it
Man we used to rip crowds up but hold up
Member how when all them DJs used to be on the stage and everything after you got off
Theyd be whisperin and sayin stuff to themselves about how you aint this you aint that
What did you used to do Jeff?

Word Rhythm Trax - House Party Style
Yo Jeff we rocked em now lets get out of here

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