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Young Jeezy Lyrics No Tears Lyrics

[Bridge: Jeezy]
You know I come through on some boss shit everytime I come through
Im from the place where dont nobody make it but you know they want to
You wanna see a nigga f*cked in the game nigga dont you?
But I refuse to cry shed a tear thats the shit we dont do

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Still this is what it sounds like when you open your soul
Tell the realest story that was ever told
Riding dirty in the West End yes so ambitious
Them chicken plates at Chanterelles was delicious
Po-po closing that BP the block storage
If I can get them things back down South Ill make a fortune
F*cked around and caught dawg with a nine now its a wrap
Gotta find a new game to conquer Im thinking rap
And theres a whole new game new players I gotta grind
Put them diamonds in my name and my chain I gotta shine
Stunting everythingll real when we do break bread with em
Swear it aint been the same since the day the FEDs hit em
And thats when I traded the scale for the microphone
Fade a few cars got rid of my last four songs
And just like that welcome back my nigga home
Dont look me in the eye something different what could be wrong?

[Hook: Future]
I can never let a tear fall down my face
(I can never let a tear fall down my face)
For the niggas like you who aint with me today
(For the niggas like you who aint with me today)
Ive been real from the beginning
I can never let a tear fall down my face
(I can never let a tear fall down my face)
Im losing all my friends like every single day
(Im losing all my friends like every single day)
I think Ive been too too real from the beginning
(I think Ive been too too real from the beginning)
They say you lose all your friends when you finally start winning
Hey where the love at?

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
I guess this is what it feels like when youre royalty holmes
And you wake up and the loyaltys gone
Them short sentence niggas come on yeah feel in the way
Same niggas that were hating back then still in the way
I swear these niggas think my life is just bitches and Champagne
Iced out Audemar just to go with the campaign
Every night Rolls Royces doing their damn thing
If there was ever a reason to wear all them damn chains
And why you keep a cup in your hand? To numb the pain
Niggas see you on something different these niggas changed
And I aint one for dry snitching wont call no name
So really at the end of the day I cant complain
Five niggas gon be happy with you and be happy for you
If them niggas scheming on ya demise then they aint for ya
Im like not you too my nigga I couldve died
If I had a weak bone in my body I wouldve cried


[Interlude: Jeezy]

[Verse 3: Future]
I remember them days where I thought I couldnt live without you
(Aye where the love at?)
Now Im driving in a coupe and I cant even think about you
(Aye where the love at?)
We was counting millions on the living room floor
I forgot niggas like you dont love back
And I was with you when we kicked in our own first door


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