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Youngbloodz Lyrics Down Heya (In The South) Lyrics

And thats how we keep it crunk from the club to the streets
To the two door Capri crunk out with the beat
We shakin hoes off cut em up like a slab
Then hit the studio and take it back to the lab

If 5 on 2 shit its all good we ride through the hood
In the Delta 88 with that Georgia license plate
These niggas dont know
They dont even wanna show no love to a a nigga like me
So I just stay on the grind stay down for mine
Trying to get mine in daily
Holla at me like you know your fo chiefing on that green green
Never snort a lot of coke stayed down with the home team
Know what I mean? Some shit have a nigga stressed out
Make him small fast
Bout 175 will quit to open that cannon and woop your ass
But ya wait get a bat face on the one-time while these hoes
Choose on the Attic Crew my girl already been chose
These stankin bitches get your boy caught up in that f*ck shit
I know they suckin dick but they thanking the game I spit
I put they ass in a rap and ride out on them hoes
Get wit my slick partna then hit the studio

Now see I jumps up without a doubt
Not a question being asked as you dash with no way out
Through the whirl-wind I spin intruders we break em in.
Atlanta Georgia we comin for ya with 50 men
In sets of 10 no sippin gin we steppin in
Its the Attic Crew no flaw within
We them Youngbloodz wit plenty kin
No ifs no ands no buts no grins
We after you so what you do is count to three then click your shoes
Then out the door back to your hoe down on the low straight toe to toe
Cause J-Bo is who I be wont f*ck with you dont f*ck with me
So cant you see through the enemies
Youd besta be all you can f*cking be
Stay sucker free but first get some nuts
Before you f*ck around and bite the dust
Now nigga what so what you got now if you ride out on them ?cruts?

A day late and a dolla short
On the cat walk winding tryin to get meat
22 tryin to see 23 shawty ?three U double Ts?
What it aint gonna be what it is
Over years I been scratching and scraping
Still aint came up with nay-thin let everybody get they time to shine
Still waitin on mine ??
In the meantime tryin to find a loophole
God knows where the next one for dead
Got bust in the neck nigga cryin but the grind dont stop
Like time dont stop like a nigga who drop
?? casket cover it up and ride out aint got nothin to be smiling bout
Only bit ?fake chasers? Im tryin to waste
Gotta keep on stackin gotta keep on packin
Slackin gonna get me hemmed up posted up in the store
With the blow dont show no flow
As long as though see hit the gas flow
Gotta play it smart gotta take it to the heart
F*ckin around gonna get you f*cked up
?4:30 the hill law gone?

Always underestimated great dont gives a f*ck dont make mistakes
Shake em off gonna get it crunk before this thang get too late
Hold up wait my homeboys straight dont make me go upside your head
Drag your ass across the club heard what I f*ckin said?
We aint scared prepared to take this thang to the streets
Capric-e and Fleetwood ride good Vouges with the beat
You might no understand a damn thang that I speak
Im slizzard as hell might stomp your punk ass to sleep
And when this thang get crunk I pack it up and take it to the lab
Hit that gentlemens club and grab a couple of hoes off on the ass
Laugh if you will thank its funny but it aint
What the f*ck you gonna do when they hit you stick you for your bank
From the freeze-tag to the Fleetwoods from the two door to the four door
Who got the leather who got the cloth who got the Vougues
With all the hoes who got the gold who got that grain
Who got the green who got the chains who got the bitch
I got the Fleetwood girls most likely to complain
See somethangs cant be explained how we really do this man
Hit the lab make it talk now you here me once again
Have you jumpin and shakin like you off in that blue flame
Whats really going on holmes can you really tell me man


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