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Youngbloodz Lyrics Shakem Off Lyrics

[Sean Paul]
Sean Paul gotta get em drunk
Gotta shakem off in the club get it crunk
Give you what you want shawty got what ya need
Set dat thang out get down on ya knees
Ya know Im kinda picky like my girls tricky
Tricky kinda greasy gotta be freaky
Sho nuff know to blow thats how thangs go
Charge it to da game ya know I gotta lay low
So tell me how ya know everything gravy
Youre under to the cover cause my homeboy paid me
These gulls goin crazy ya gotta shakem off
They be all up in yo grill and I be all up in they mouth ho

[Chorus 4x]
So shakem off (Shakem Off)
Shakem off (Shakem Off)
Whats up its Youngbloodz we shakem off (Shakem Off)

They about 5-4 2 or 3 inches cut em loose
And let em bend wit that wind as I guzzle duece
Goose cook so is she hot wit dat boilin point
Must revolve cause these broads wanna lock dat joint
And pick-pocket through all you fools soon as you choose
Ohh shit so lock and pause for that girl called
Is a ho now what you know so let it go
To show that what she is is nothin mo
But a hungry simple freak thatll take yo cash
And laugh and be gone so long you cant even ask
And from whats left you envy without a dime
So watch out for them felines in heat that cross dat line

[Chorus 4x]

[Sean Paul]
Well Im Sean Paul I got gulls galore
You might get a lot of cut but I gets much more

Well Im J-Bo got these broads in check
Stayin down for the real and got no time to flex

[Sean Paul & J-Bo]

[Sean Paul]
Them boyz that got dat mean mugg

Stompin in the club boy gon get ya scrubbed

[Sean Paul]
I got them gulls goin for that low-low

Boy get yourself some face befo ya let that girl go

[Chorus 4x]


[Chorus 4x]

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